Waterfalls In Madikeri


There are turns and slopes however, but any car can go over. This all drama is done only because the road remains empty.

How many waterfalls are there in Madikeri?

Coorg Waterfalls Trail: 10 falls worth visiting!
# Name Distance from Madikeri
1 Abbi falls 6 kms
2 Chelavara Falls 40 kms south
3 Iruppu falls 75 kms south
4 Onti Falls 32 kms north
8 more rows

Which Falls in Coorg for bathing?

Iruppu Falls-
Iruppu Falls-Cascading Beauty

It is one of the best waterfalls in Coorg for bathing. How to reach: Iruppu Falls in Coorg is approx. 80 km from Madikeri town and 25 km from Nagerhole.

Can we play in Mallalli Falls?

Yes you can. Elders and children can stay on the top and youngsters can go down the steps. About 600 steps down to view the foot of the fall.

How many falls are there in Coorg?

So, here are 5 waterfalls in Coorg you must visit.
Abbey Falls. Nestled 7 km away from Madikeri town, Abbey Falls is one of the most popular and stunning waterfalls in Coorg.
Mallalli Falls. Nature lovers, would absolutely lose their hearts out to Mallalli Falls.
Burude Falls.
Chelavara Falls.
Honey Valley Nilakandi Falls.

What is the special in Madikeri?

Madikeri is known for greenery, hills, weather and coffee plantations. One of the most famous Madkeri tourist places are the coffee plantations near the city. A stroll through the plantations will fill you with the fresh and enticing aroma of coffee and will turn a regular day into an extraordinary one!

Where can I see the Milky Way in Coorg?

Coorg is one of the best places for stargazing in India. A famous tourist attraction, the place is South India’s paradise whether in daytime or at night. The lofty peaks like Tadiandamol are the major spots where star gazing is simply easy.

Can we bath in Tiger Falls?

Tiger Falls is a major tourist attraction located near cantonment town Chakrata. Visitors can enjoy a rejuvenating bath below the 50 mtrs waterfall which converges in a small pond.

Is bathing allowed in Abbey Falls?

Bathing or swimming in Abbey Falls is not allowed.

Can we bath in Jog Falls?

Jog Waterfalls

You can get the best views of Sahyadri Mountain Ranges from this place. Its water source is from the Sharavati River. During the rainy season July to November, this waterfall looks mind-blowing. Swimming and bathing are prohibited during the monsoon season.


However, be sure to carry proper shoes and some salt or matches wherever you go because the Ghats are crawling with leeches. While there isn’t much danger of many mosquito bites, do take calamine lotion in case you are met by other insects.


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