Weather In Pondicherry In July


The clean beaches lined with swaying palm trees have all the things required for a relaxed vacation. Those looking for a peaceful holiday on a serene stretch of sand, these Pondicherry beaches are a perfect retreat.

Is it good to visit Pondicherry in July?

Monsoon can be considered as a popular time to visit Pondicherry city during the months of July – September, a humid monsoon can be experienced, but Pondicherry looks very beautiful during this time.

Does it rain in Pondicherry in July?

July is the onset of monsoons in Pondicherry which is an inviting relief from the sweltering temperature from April and June.

What is the rainy season in Pondicherry?

July to September: These months constitute the monsoon season in Pondicherry. The town receives heavy to light rainfall every year.

What is the best time to visit Pondicherry?

The best time to visit Pondicherry is from October to March as the weather during these months is pleasant for sightseeing. The temperature during this time usually ranges between 15 – 30 degrees Celcius. Summers (April-June) in Pondicherry are quite hot and the temperature touches 40 degrees Celsius.

Is Pondicherry safe in monsoon?

Monsoon in Pondicherry

Rainfall usually takes place between the months of July and September. The temperatures in the city during monsoon range from 25 degree Celsius and 35 degree Celsius. Monsoons do make for a good time to visit Pondicherry.

Is Pondicherry cheaper than Goa?

Getting Around Goa Vs Pondicherry

Choosing between the two places is difficult. But if you are looking forward to having some great fun in an affordable budget, then Goa would be the best option for you.

Does rain a lot in July?

The weather in India in July is wet followed by warmer weather in absence of rainfall. From Kerala in the South to the Himalayas in the North, it rains all throughout the country. Do not worry, the intensity of the rain greatly varies as you move North, which receives much lighter showers.

Is it rainy season in July?

Monsoon season is in full swing across India in July. It’s the wettest month of the year, especially in Goa and Kerala, with heavy downpours typically lasting for a couple of hours, bringing relief from the heat and humidity of previous months.

Is July a rainy month?

Rainfall. July is the month with the most rainfall in Manila. Rain falls for 23.4 days and accumulates 163mm (6.42″) of precipitation.


wearing shorts is Not a problem at all in Pondicherry. Majority of females wear it.


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