Word Trip 222


It’s not as easy to word swipe as you get further into the game. Some of the puzzles are designed to be slightly more difficult and have lesser known words. The aim is to be relaxing, though, so it’s not too challenging. There are thousands of puzzles and hundreds of levels.

What is word trip on my Samsung phone?

WordTrip is first of its kind word puzzle game stitched together with a cross-country travel theme. Connect letters to spell words, and you may discover new words to improve your vocabulary. Solve each word puzzle to travel your way around all the world. As you travel, puzzles get trickier as new countries welcome you.

How do you win the trip game in word?

Word Trip Cheats That Put You on the Road to Winning
Shuffle Your Letters Often. .
Study the Word List Order. .
Find Bonus Words. .
Try Plural Words. .
Make the Most of Powerups. .
Let WordFinder Help. .
Exploring a Unique Word Trip. .
Find More Games to Love.

What age is word trip for?

Its welcoming visuals and cool sounds make it a treat for anyone – six or sixty!

Does word trip cost money?

This free word game makes learning new words fun. Connect the letters, find the words, and sharpen your word skills as you go. If you love word puzzles, this game is sure to get you excited. Word Trip is also the perfect game to keep your brain active and working hard.

How does word trip work?

Word Trip is a word search puzzle game that takes the player on a visual tour around the world. The game has a wheel of letters and the player creates words by clicking on the first letter and dragging their finger to the additional letters on the wheel to complete the word.

Does word trip ever end?

ž¤ With over 5000 puzzles and counting, your word trip will never end! ž¤ Play through fantastic destinations that will soothe your mind! ž¤ Win exciting rewards daily and compete with others on spectacular word quests!

What is the secret word game?

The Secret Words Game is a really popular activity that students LOVE! Students receive word clues in the form of pictures. They need to figure out the beginning sound of each picture to reveal the secret word.

Is word trip a legitimate game?

This is a scam. I have $149.95 and it won’t give me the last 5 cents to reach $150 for payout. They don’t pay anything.

How many times does a child need to see a word to read it?

Basically, these studies suggest that the number of repetitions needed to learn a word is about


By age 3, a toddler’s vocabulary usually is more than 200 words. Kids can string together 2- or 3-word sentences. They can talk with you in a conversation that has at least 2 back-and-forth exchanges.


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