Yamunotri Weather


Highly revered as the origin of the majestic river Yamuna, Yamunotri is famed for its glaciers and thermal springs that makes it one of the most important stopovers in the schedule of Hindu pilgrimage. According to Hindu tradition, Yamuna is the sister of Yama, the god of death.

Is there snowfall in Yamunotri?

October to March marks winter season in Yamunotri. In this season, the place also experiences snowfall as temperatures falls below 0 degree. Winters are chilly with the temperature ranging from -7 to 5°C. During monsoon, this city witnesses heavy rainfall.

What is the temperature of Gangotri and Yamunotri?

Yamunotri Temperature and Weather Details
Month Min. Temp Max. Temp
April 4°C 13°C
Freezing cold. Temp could goes further down at night. Yamunotri temple remains shut down during this month.
May 6°C 17°C
An ideal month to visit Yamunotri. The gates of the temple opens in May and snow starts melting.
20 more rows

Can we visit Yamunotri in December?

The winters are harsh featuring heavy snowfall and the temperature generally hovers between 0 to 5°C and may also go down below -7°C. In this season, the roads to the temple get blocked, thus visitors are advised not to plan a visit to Yamunotri during the winter season.

Which is more difficult Yamunotri or Gangotri?

Yamunotri is the first of the four dhams and definitely the toughest. Although, its located at a lower elevations than the other dhams, the narrow and crowded pathway make it challenging and tough to reach the temple.

Is Yamunotri difficult?

Trekking to Yamunotri is a relatively difficult task which requires you to cover a steep and undulating journey of 6 to 7 kms. Of course there are alternate options like ponies and dolis available but trekking and walking your way to the temple feels the most rewarding.

Which is difficult Yamunotri or Kedarnath?

Gangotri and Badrinath are reachable by road; Kedarnath needs a

Can we reach Yamunotri by car?

There are no motorable roads directly to Yamunotri and tourists and pilgrims have to halt at Janki Chatti which is the last place accessible by vehicles on this route. From Janki Chatti, pilgrims are required to trek 6 kms uphill in order to reach the Yamunotri temple.

How long is the trek to Yamunotri?

The trek of around 7 kms is easy with several halts and you can easily reach Yamunotri at around 1 pm. You can have your lunch at Yamunotri and or head to the temple for prayers. At Yamunotri, devotees pray at Surya Kund, a natural hot water spring named after the Sun God, who is said to be the father of River Yamuna.

Is Yamunotri worth visiting?

Yamunotri is one of the holiest centers in the Hindu pantheon, this sacred dwelling of the Asti muni boasts of stunning natural vistas. Regarded and revered as the source of the regal Yamuna river, Yamunotri is well-known for its glaciers and thermal springs.


Yamunotri is one of the famous Chardham of Uttarakhand. You can buy sacred water (Jal), famous woolen shawls, herbal tea from there and use it in your puja at home. God and Goddess scriptures you can also take away to your home.


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